Genuine White Python



Carefully and delicately crafted by our own in-house seamster. This hat features genuine white python as every panel and our signature padded white leather strap for adjustments with a gold embossed buckle.


  • Genuine White Python Crown and Brim
  • Black Suede Underbrim
  • Silky Paisley Lining
  • White Padded Leather Strap
  • Embossed Gold Buckle

*All hats sewn in-house in the USA / Made on order

Handmade in the USA

We make all of our designs in-house with our own hands. We don't outsource to mass manufacturers but instead take pride in making our hats by our own hands. There is something special about being connected to and knowing where your clothing came from. We feel a connection to every hat we make and hope that you feel it too.

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