Respect Your Craft

Respect Your Craft - is the foundation of Mint Tradition. For us, it means investing all of who you are into all of what you do, a path that has lead us to using only the best materials and most expert artisans. Respecting your craft is a simple idea that harnesses passion as a means of achieving your full potential and pushing boundaries. It is those who have risen to their potential and have conquered dismal odds, who make their mark in history and thus become immortalized in stories to tell. Continuing this tradition we stay influenced by the past but design for the future, pursuing a place in history.

Handmade by Us

We make all of our designs in-house with our own hands. We don't outsource to mass manufacturers in Asia but instead take pride in making or hats by our own hands. There is something special about being connected to and knowing where your clothing came from. We feel a connection to every hat we make and hope that you feel it too.


We pride ourselves on providing products that have been meticulously designed down to every last detail. It is the subtle nuances and accents that give a design character, originality, and quality. You can rest assured that any detail, from materials, to design, to presentation, was done so deliberately because it provides you with the utmost value.



Only the best. The leather we use in our products is of the highest caliber in the world, full grain European calfskin. Each hide is selected with a discerning eye and only the few and rare hides that do not need any correcting are collected – our hides represent the top 2% of all hides in Europe. It simply is the best leather in the world.