Meet Geoff - Designer and Seamster of Mint Tradition

Name Geoff Muller

Craft Designer / Seamster

Location Denver, Colorado

What has creating clothing meant to you?

From styling my outfit for snowboarding to outfitting myself to go out at night, finding new trends and brands has always been a passion of mine.

Focusing my studies on great designers and construction techniques has continued to increase my devotion to the art of fashion. Seeing opportunities to improve construction techniques and material sourcing has pushed my interest towards applying this knowledge to bring luxury fashion and streetwear to a new demographic that is just beginning to recognize true quality.

I believe in creating each piece from the ground up. I begin by understanding the background story behind each and every component and material to ensure it aligns with a luxury brand promise. I then consider of every detail of stitching and exceptional construction techniques. I sincerely believe that this approach leads to creating products with true depth. To me, this is a reflection of real craft.

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