Interview with Samson

Name Samson

Craft Musician/Artist 

Location Denver, Colorado

What has creating music and visual art meant to you?

Music has been freedom to me, to take every experience, joy or sadness, and create a world with it, a world that's beautiful to be in. And no matter what happens this life, I know I'll be ok because I have this place where there's no judgment just feeling, just you and every possibility that exists. The work has been a friend to me where I can be raw, stripped down.

Expression has shown me that I am a collaborator with possibility, with the current of life, it's been a place to a rediscover the mind-state I had as a kid before anyone was judging before self-consciousness, just freedom of being, who and however, just fun. My work is to discover myself and those around me at other levels of consciousness, through the medium of sound and visual and spontaneous expression. And I have people connect to that, and I am humbled. This is everything to me, creating is the way I deal with life and I love it, so I work endlessly at it because it is no work at all, it is the best place in the world. There is such little time really that I have to stay in love with every moment and for me, that love is for making cool things that show as many sides and colors of life and being as possible.

Do you have advice for other artists?

Go. Get going, now. Dive in and explore and create with no rules and find your uniqueness, no one has seen through your eyes, lived your experience, which makes every one an original, create your world.

What's made you successful?

Making discoveries creatively, finding clarity, having so much fun that everything fades away except the love for the work. That's success. Reinventing myself, finding a new sound, that's success. But it's the people that connect with me and bump the music and support the creative endeavors, it's those people who I love. It's the fans that allow me to keep creating, and the fans become family when it's my core that I am expressing, and still they show love to me, that's family. I ride for my people.

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